Friday, December 16, 2011


As I browsed through Pinterest in a complete stupor recently I came across several old ceramic Christmas trees.
I really liked them and started looking online for one of my own when I remembered my grandmother having a similar one in her living room every year when I was little. I asked my dad if I was remembering correctly. To which he asked his mom where the tree might be found now. Anyway, my dad tracked it down and shipped it to me! It arrived today and has been dusted, filled with brand new light bright pegs and plugged in!

This tree makes me so happy! It's so festive and will be a new staple in my living room for Christmas!!
Thank you, Daddy! See you next week!


  1. Oh how I loved your Christmas tree story. I have a few things that I love from long ago too. Your tree is beautiful--treasure it for what it is worth to you. Have you caught the mouse yet? See you soon. MaMaw

  2. I love it! We had one very similar when I was a youngster.