Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gingerbread Land

I'm hanging out with two of my favorite ladies tonight, Martha and Adele!
We took on the task of making a gingerbread house. I think it turned out really well!!
We spread out icing, candy, marshmallows, almonds and coconut shavings and went to work:

I did any piped icing you see and they did the candy adhesion. Martha decorated the roof in the second shot, Adele decorated the roof in the top picture. I looked over at her roof and it was covered in gum drops, pez, candy cane, m&m's and marshmallows.... By the time we were ready to put her roof on the house it was picked completely clean of said candy. When I asked what happened she told me she wanted to taste them, then she wanted to eat them.
I think they did an excellent job! They even let me decorate a side (the almond shingles side) and the pez-brick two-sided chimney (which is what happens sometimes when gingerbread kits are made by ikea. I'd rather be missing two chimney pieces than those two screws that actually hold some important furniture piece together).
Oh, and per their instructions, the back wall is decorated with Mommy, Daddy, Martha and Adele stick figures.

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