Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Couldn't Wait

Everyone in Mississippi is planting gardens and wearing shorts...
It snowed here all day yesterday and is supposed to snow for the next two days.
Last week I started a few herbs for our garden in little window boxes on our window sill and they are already growing!!

They want it to be spring time, I can tell.

I've been working hard on getting my Etsy up and running. Nothing is in the shop yet, but a few photos are taken of items and more are being made! I can't wait to share my shop with everyone!

What items do you want to see in my shop? I need some help in this area!!


  1. a comforter for my king size bed! LOL!

  2. Definately your little rosettes made out of felt, (or anything made out of felt! (dog toys, stuffed animals) you could also design stationary, shower invitations, wedding invitations... Ive also always said pillows are money makers... wow. Aprons! Aprons would be cute.. use cute fabric mix and match, maybe even put an initial on there. Man I'm full of ideas :)