Thursday, November 11, 2010

Miss Martha Turns 3

Martha celebrated her third birthday earlier this week and we were so excited to help make her day really special. I feel like birthday number three is the first one that might actually be remembered and it deserves to be made a big deal of!

There was a special celebration of Martha's life in her class which I was so honored to be a part of! 
 She placed a lit candle in the center to represent the Sun.
 Then carrying a small globe she circled the Sun three times to represent how many times the Earth has circled the Sun since she was born, stopping after each rotation so Tiffanie could tell a few significant things from each year of her life!
 Then they shared photos of and a poem about the Birthday girl. (I wish I had the poem Tiffanie wrote, it was really cute!)
After school, I prepared a special birthday dinner!
That included specially requested "Indian Corn" (corn on the cob)
 And even a pear pie!

Happy Birthday, Dear One! You're the coolest three year old I know! Thanks for being my friend!

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  1. ashley, would you consider being the nanny of a surly 17 year old??
    did you hear about whitney?? number 3 on the way?!?!