Sunday, November 7, 2010

An Excuse

Well, the weather turned cold and I didn't do anything exciting. That's my excuse for not blogging for two weeks. I apologize and promise it won't happen again.

What were we for Halloween, you ask?

We were a true love story.

A truly complimentary pair.

A couple that has lasted through the ages.

We were a breakfast and brinner (breakfast-for-dinner) staple.

We were a FORK and a WAFFLE!!! (please note my butter-pat-hat) Hand made by yours truly out of felt, a hula hoop, tin foil, and any other extras I could make use of!

Martha's birthday was celebrated in the form of a Halloween Party and I had a lot of fun making the kiddos costumes and helping Tiffanie prepare for the party!
Adele was a flower and Martha was a Purple Kitty Cat (both at Martha's request)
For a month, when asked, Martha said she wanted purple cupcakes for her birthday. What could be better to a 3 year old than turning the purple cupcakes she's requested into purple-kitty-cat-cupcakes?!

mini pumpkin pies
And oh, the decorations! I love Halloween!


  1. Betty Boop8.11.10

    Thanks for the new blog. Children and decorations were great. LOve MaMaw

  2. yay! I'm so glad the waffle and fork idea turned out great! I love the little cut-out mice on the stairs!