Thursday, December 10, 2009


So I met the man of my dreams *cough cough* in the airport on the way to Dallas yesterday.
I was sitting at my connecting gate waiting for the plane to begin boarding. I had about twenty minutes to wait so I was listening to music and totally minding my own business when this fellow... maybe nineteen years old... sits down in an empty seat near me. He had on cowboy boots, uber tight (not in a good way) wranglers, a plaid long-sleeved button-up shirt, a fleece lined stone-washed jean jacket and a ball cap.
As Feist played in my ear I heard a voice directed toward me. I paused my music and said, "I'm sorry, what was that?"
Guy: What flight you own?
Me: This one. (We're sitting at a gate where the only obvious flight to be on was "this one".)
Guy: You jus git here?
Me: To this airport? Yes, I just flew in from Florida. (I realize this sentence was just the amount of too-much-information he needed to really delve deep. Think the kid from "A Christmas Story" who's in line behind Ralph waiting to see Santa who keeps talking about how much he likes "The Wizard of Oz.")
Guy: Wher you frum?
Me: Well, I'm from Mississippi but I'm living in Boston right now.
Guy: Wait, wait, wait... Let me see if I've got this right. Yer frum Mississippi, livin in Boston, comin frum Florida, and headin to Dallas?!
Me: mmm hmmm
Guy: I'm frum Mississippi. Whut part you frum?
Me: Madison
Guy: I'm frum Florence, but I work in Madison. I do concrete stainin and scorin. I've been havin all these back and knee and feet problems, though. My feet just kill me after walkin around on that hard concrete in cowboy boots all day.
Me: What about some tennis shoes while you're at work or something?
Guy: Well, I'm a boot guy. I just really liiike wearin boots. I do have some of them slip own crocks though so that's kinda like walkin on air, you know?
Me: hmm...
Guy: I've got a girlfriend you know?
Me: (like he was concerned that I was trying to pick him up or something...) yea? Is that why you're going to Dallas today? (I really thought the next thing was going to be him showing me some glamour shot of somebody he'd never met like in "Napoleon Dynamite")
Guy: Yea, she's in Dallas. I really like to travel. Whenever I feel like it, I jus get up and GO. Well, I guess I'm own be headin up there to git in line.

That was the end of the conversation. Amazing.

All that and I did finally make it to Dallas! I'm so excited to be here! I haven't seen Jared, Brandy, Henry or Rahab in a year! I can't believe how much Henry has grown, but we're already BFF. We've had a few adventures looking for a Christmas tree and going to the park.

He also really likes to clean things. We spent a solid fifteen minutes letting him clean this section of the shelf.
After that the brush came with us in case there was a mess anywhere else. Sweet boy. He gets it honest, that's for sure.


  1. World traveler--globe trotter--My you get around and meet such interesting people and friends too. Are you ready for Christmas? We are ready to see you and Mr. B. MaMaw

  2. too bad you didn't get his name; I probably know him!

  3. Hahaha, I'm pretty sure Crocs were the last straw...

    Are you sure he isn't related to your neighbors in Starkville? (that whole conversation I pictured like Bryan's impersonation of that guy from your complex in S-ville)

  4. What? No picture of Mr. Cowboy Boots? You're slipping!