Monday, June 22, 2009

Market Mayhem

The Flea Market was a hit! We were a bit unsure about how things would go when only 35 seconds out of the driveway, my mom hits the breaks to go back to get her forgotten sunglasses and the bag of chex mix goes flying out of my lap and directly onto the floor. So once we got the glasses, swept out the chex mix, and got going on our do-over, we were smooth sailing.
There were some really great items: like these fantastic little bright green low-ball glasses (which came home with me)These old wooden English hand stamps:
We also saw some really interesting things as well: like this iron mannequin with real eyelashesAnd this kind of hair:And this kind of hair:And some people who probably shouldn't be handling tasers... like they are doing in this photo:And even some tricky things: like these "Shonrie's"... I mean, I guess it kind of looks like Sharpie.And these 'corn & potato' microwave pouches. Seriously? I'd rather not have to clean the inside of this nylon sack.And my grandma even bought an umbrella hat to amuse her pre-schoolers. (I was probably just as amused as those three year olds will be when she put that hat on!)Then to wrap up our trip to Memphis we went to the Neely's for BBQ! (In case you don't watch the food network, the Neely's have that show called "Down Home with the Neely's where they cook southern food.) Did I just say "Neely's" like ten times in one sentence?Hope you had a good weekend too!


  1. I really wish I had splurged and gotten a sugar glider. that is, if that man would've let me hold it!

  2. so so fun, i don't know if i've ever been to a real flea market before. i love those green glasses- such a great color!

  3. Anonymous23.6.09

    What a great trip. I love Flea Market. When we used to travel in the RV we stopped at Flea Market's along the way. Now that was fun. Always found something I just could not do without. You find such great and useful things.

  4. HHAHAAHA That rat tail cracked me up. Those batik blocks look so awesome too.