Sunday, June 7, 2009

Black: The Berry of Our Lives

Wait, is that the cotton logo or something?

Anyway, summer is truly here when the blackberries start to get ripe!
There are tons of vines out where my mom lives and Frank was really nice to mow all of the paths so that we could pick our hearts out without fighting the brush and weeds. Saturday was a blast and really made me realize how good we have it here in the South. I wonder what kinds of berries I can pick in Boston?
The only trouble I have with picking blackberries is that I tend to put one in the basket, one in my mouth, one for the basket, one for me...
Either that or I get stabbed in the thumb by one of these guys:
Frank was even packing a little heat in case we ran into any bad snakes!


  1. could you burn me a mewithoutYou CD? pretty please?

  2. Anonymous8.6.09

    Blackberries mmmmmgood. We set my giant rabbit in a lawn chair to scare the birds from our blueberry bushes; They have a lot of berries and each day we try to pick the ripe ones but the birds beat us to most of them. Maybe Ms. Rabbit will help and I will get enough for a cobbler.

    Betty Boop

  3. I hate those thorns! When we go blackberry picking I usually wear the gloves because I'm a weanie.

  4. That was torture. But, oh so romantic. I thought we'd be together forever...

  5. oh, and how in the WORLD did you know that about hot photographer? are you FRIENDS with him!