Friday, May 29, 2009

Biloxi or Bust

I went to Ocean Springs & Biloxi for work this week and had a great time. Such a cute little town that boasts the birthplace of Walter Anderson, one of the South's eccentric and most talented artists! (below is the Ohr O'Keef Museum designed by architect Frank Ghery)
I stayed in our sweet company condo. (That Jennifer from our Interiors Department designed!)
I saw boats,

mosaic murals,
and revitalization right alongside ruins. I was not prepared for the amount of damage from Katrina that would still be present. These cities are coming back, but are still, almost four years later, not anywhere near what they were before the storm.
Bryan's aunt and uncle Cherry & Chuck are from that area and met me for dinner one night. Thank you both so much for the excellent food and the amazing sunset tour!

And how could I possibly forget? Tato-nut Donuts! Chuck and Cherry recommended them and boy oh boy, the trip was completely worth it in one bite! I even had to bring some home to Bryan, just to make sure he believed my description of how good they were!


  1. Anonymous30.5.09

    I enjoyed your blog on the Coast. We have not been down in a while. We need to go. That was a nice trip for you. Yes Cherry and Chuck are wonderful people. I like them both.


  2. i'm gonna cry when you and Bryan leave for Boston!