Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter Storm Nika

When my 3 year old friend wants to go outside to play, I say 'yes!' but I don't always say "and I'm coming with you!" Mia and I just stayed inside and watched 'the Lily show' while she played in Monday's snow storm.

Today is a new snow storm... worse than Monday's. We are forecasted to get a foot of snow today. 
I'm over it. It's beautiful, but seriously, let's have blizzards on Saturdays when no one has to go to work.

I love this bug! (and she crawled this week! It was a modified 'crawl' but I cried and her Physical Therapist teared up! It was a huge deal. Something we've been working on for months. I couldn't be more proud of her hard work or more thankful for an amazing PT!)

It's tough to be a kid.

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  1. I always wanted to make a snow angel. Never enough snow when I was able to do it. Just as well--My luck would be a broken wing or something like that. I bet you are a little weary of snow and ready for Spring. Mia looks so sweet. I know you love her. MaMaw