Sunday, February 16, 2014

True Love

With that title you might expect me to pour out my heart over how much I care for and love and adore my sweet husband. I do, but I can give an example that truly exemplifies this.

After having a lovely valentines weekend, I find my self so so ill that I can hardly get to my feet today. Having someone who truly loves you through illness is kind of amazing the more I lay covered with no less than half a dozen blankets and think about it. I know I've just got a virus and that we're not in for anything major, but it still amazes me that he's doing anything I need him to do today. He walked through the winter to get me Gatorade and sprite. He exchanged my crackers for pretzels when I noticed a slight sesame flavor that is currently extremely off putting. I laid in bed and listened to him clean the whole house! I love my guy. And I know he loves me because he doesn't just tell me so, he shows me daily.

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day Weekend!



  1. In sickness and in health? O yes. MaMaw

  2. Oh how happy this makes me! My sweet little nephew

  3. Career change?