Sunday, October 27, 2013

World Series 2013

We happen to be Boston Red Sox fans in case you were wondering. I have loved working for families who work for the Red Sox and have loved living in this city of crazy baseball fanatics. Never in a million years would I have thought I would be sitting in the stands of a World Series game!

Thursday nights are date nights and last week's date night was pretty pretty good!

So awesome of Danielle & Amiel to give us these tix! (See Mia in the background in her car seat? She was ready to go for a walk and waiting so patiently!)

We took this one right before Bryan photobombed two guys with fake beards... he put them to shame a little.

Nicole, my Stella & Dot Sponsor! Her husband is with the Red Sox so she's a pretty big fan too!  And yes, it was freezing that night! We walk to Fenway whenever we go to games and the temps were in the 30's by the time we got home... first night out of the house in 4+ layers this year!
Okay, boys, let's get a win tonight!

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  1. What fun to go to a World Series game. Good seats too. I guess Bryan keeps a good beard to keep him warm?, plus a little love to keep you warm. MaMaw

    How great to go to a World Series game. Cold? Bryan has his beard to keep him warm.


    How great to go to a World