Monday, April 22, 2013

Stella & Dot

I went to a fun Stella & Dot trunk show while I was in Florida! I didn't know much about the company before the party, but I was so excited about all of the stylish jewelry when I got there. We had fun getting together and trying on everything. I was a little bit overwhelmed by the amount of cute items so I only ended up ordering one bracelet. It was a great purchase though because I have worn it almost every day since it came in. (And it arrived in such pretty packaging. I love when things come in beautiful, thoughtful packaging...)

Far left is Katie, you might remember her as Georgie's mom! My first kiddo when we moved to Boston!! She was the trunk show host in Florida! And next to her is Nicole, our Stylist. She'll be doing my party too!

Anyway, I've had some compliments on my new bracelet so I decided to share the love. I'm hosting my own trunk show in a couple of weeks! Many, many of my friends do not live close enough to me to do an in-person-only party, unfortunately, but I absolutely wanted to include everyone so there is an online shopping option through this LINK!
That should take you straight to my event page! Seriously take a peek at their site. They have great gift ideas and just recently released a line of bags, too!
I'm pretty excited! I've never hosted any kind of product party before!

I've got my eye on these goodies:
The Carmen Necklace

The Renegade Cluster Bracelet

The Luxor Link Bracelet

Check out the site through the link above and comment to let me know what your favorite piece is! Yay!

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  1. Yes, Stella and Dot is big down here!