Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

Bryan and I got engaged this night eight years ago! Eight years! I'm so glad you loved me that much, babe!

We had a good weekend. We didn't do too much which was just what the doctor ordered!
A mid-morning brunch yesterday for Easter and then a hike through Middlesex Fells was perfect.

Mmmm... hollandaise...

fresh fruit with vanilla mascarpone cream

home fries

my Sweet.

Sausage... flavorless apple-chicken-sausage... We have to start making our own. That's all there is to it.

The Fells. Great picture, I know.
Have you heard of Charity Miles? It's an app that you download onto your phone. Whenever you get ready to walk or run or bike you just turn it on, choose which charity you want to donate to, and hit 'go'. It logs how many miles you travel and donates $$ to your charity for something you were going to do anyway. We donated meals to Feeding America while we hiked yesterday! Mia and I sent some money to Autism Speaks while we walked around their new neighborhood last week. They support active-ism. And I think that's pretty neat.


  1. Definitely going to have to try this app!

  2. Anonymous2.4.13

    Hollandais sauce---mascarpone cream? I thought for a wnile you were in some fancy resturant for brunch. You are a real cook Ashley!! Turned out O. K. Bryan, when you proposed? Works both ways.


  3. Make your own sausage? run little Boston piggies!!!