Monday, February 11, 2013

Oh, Monday.

I was pretty optimistic about being able to dig the car out so that I could drive to work this morning, but after 45 minutes and only 1.5 free wheels I gave up and caught a bus. I knew it was going to be a Monday when I stepped off the train (had to take a bus to a train to get where I was going) and it was sleeting.
It hasn't been a bad day at all, though, as it turns out. Lily always makes me laugh, and Danielle brought me coffee and a bell pepper! Just what I needed!!

Lily and I did have some outdoor fun this morning despite the rain.

I know this looks like a white mess to you, but I worked really hard on that awesome sled ramp for Lily! She said it was fun but wanted it to go all the way to the fence...

And these guys are slightly less than round snow men. She got a cute snowman family kit for Chanukah, and we finally got enough snow to use it! Maybe we'll try for legit snow men tomorrow.

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  1. Snowmen are so cute. Snow makes "kids" out of all of us. Out weather man said we could get a flake or two over the weekend. We would go wild here. MaMaw