Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Galentine's Day!

Gina and I teamed up to throw a Galentine's Day party today! She's a fan of Leslie Knope so that's where the Galentine's term comes from in case you're not into Parks & Rec.

There is still pretty crazy snow on the ground and sidewalks and the entire mass transit system is shut down for the second and a half day so everyone had to walk or cab it over to Gina's place. I don't think any of us will forget the craziness of this weekend for a long time.

Anyway, it was a big success!

The premise was 'come eat waffles and drink punch and swap your favorite things!'

All the goodie bags! And Sara's goodie box... she got stuck OUT of town because of the storm!
It was fun to see what everyone's favorite things were. They could be anything... favorite lip gloss or favorite pen! Anything fairly inexpensive and worth sharing was an option!
We ended up with: dry shampoo, eye liner, a brownie & recipe, buckeyes & recipe, ped eggs (this was mine... I've had one since 2008 and LOVE it. It's so gross and amazing and you should totally get one!), lemon curd & recipe, sugar body scrub, tattly temporary tattoos, and shower gel. So fun!

My generous and lovely co-host!

You can't possibly choose only one waffle topping when there were so many to choose from!
The boys got together, too. They went the most opposite direction from our cute waffle girlie party and threw Meat Fest 2013! They just all came to our house and ate various types of meat: pulled pork. leg-o-lamb, sausages, stuffed chicken skin, foie gras, pork belly, bacon bread... I'm sure I'm missing some. They looked a little less than spry when all was said & done. But that was to be expected.

Happy Valentine's Day week!!

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  1. I like the girl party best, of course. What will you do next!! I just love your createtivity. Tell me about your partys all the time. I went down memory lane this morning. I was in the neighborhood to get a hair cut and slowly drove by 1368 Riverwood Drive. Many great parties happened there too. Not just family ones either. It did not make me too sad. Just glad I can remember. MaMaw