Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our New Shelf

As pile after pile of books slowly accumulated around our tiny apartment we decided we had to get another book shelf (or find something else entirely to do with all our, ahem, Bryan's books).

The second I spied this beautiful old shelf in the basement of my employer's new home I offered to buy it from the previous owners! They didn't make anyone pay and just kindly left it when they moved out! A huge thank you to Danielle & Amiel for giving it to us! I love it! One day it will have a proper home but for now it is wedged behind our bed and our shelving crisis is no more! (We even seem to have a little extra room, but don't tell Bryan!)


I was concerned about growing book piles around the house, while Bryan, rightly so, was more concerned with our heads while we slept. It seems that there was quite a bit of weight and a few sharp things all resting on those floating shelves! If it had ever given way in the night, we would have been squished!

After: We still need to touch up the patched wall with paint and I'm working on a new art piece to hang above!

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  1. Problem solved!! Where there is a will--there is a way. MaMaw