Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DIY Weather Station

This is such a cute Weather Station from Mr. Printables! I wanted to share how mine turned out!

Lily tells me every other day that it's 'gloomy' outside... mostly because we live in Boston... but it shows that she's interested! I think this chart will help her with describing words and with knowing what to wear everyday... oh, wait, this chart- assuming someone else had already filled it in for the day- would help ME know what to wear outside everyday. But seriously, the difference between calm and windy is like 6 scarves, a hat, gloves, and at least three shirts.

This was our weather here today.

This is what our weather here tomorrow will say!
Oh, and in case you noticed, I am a crazy person who laminated every piece before I put the whole chart together. Grubby two year old hands plus their affinity for ripping all things paper means this chart would have lasted less than 4 minutes. But as it is now, it can be spilled on, trampled on, and then disinfecting-wipe-cleaned over and over again!
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Maybe you could market this? You might look into it in your spare time. MaMaw