Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Photo Dump

I'm going to dump all the photos from the last couple of weeks! Woo!
I got to spend the whole day with two of my best girls a couple weeks ago! Can you believe how big they are!?

 I spent most of Saturday at the Head of the Charles Regatta with Ian, Erin and Nolan (Bryan was busy with a conference that he'd been planning for months! He said it went well!)

Lily and I have been spending all our free time outside lately. I LOVE autumn 'and all things autumnal' as Ben would say! But seriously I could be outside all the time right now if I could! The crisp air and the colors and the warm coffee and the strolls by the river and the apples...

We visited the New England Aquarium this week. The libraries here have a pass system where you can check out passes to different museums for free whenever you want pretty much so we get those when we can and get to explore all kinds of museums for free! It's pretty great!
The shark and ray touch tank!

And of course, we are getting ready for Halloween! Lily was talking to my sister, Aimee (hey, Aimee!), last week and Aimee asked Lily what she was going to be for Halloween. Lily said, "Ummm.... Michael Jackson!!" and this was the point at which I told Aimee that Lily was in fact going to be dressing up as a lady bug. The girl loves Michael Jackson. She can moon walk and everything!

She 'helped' carve a pumpkin yesterday. She was terribly disgusted by its guts but really liked the toasted pumpkin seeds that we made. She also really loved that he glowed when we put a candle inside him.

 This is my favorite playground because it has adult stuff to play on too and is right by the Charles and the Hatch Shell so it's has nice views! We went today and played for two hours.

Lily at the Hatch Shell

And this picture makes me laugh every time I've looked at it today. I happened upon Lily and her dad at the bakery near their house this morning, and I just had to laugh at her outfit! She's very hobo-chic, don't you think? She's got on polka-dot jammies tucked into white socks with pink crocks, a knit hat and a fancy leopard-print fur.
I like it. I like it a lot.


  1. Hi! I enjoyed the photos. What cuties you get to hang out with. I think that part of you is still a "little girl". Yes they are all growing so fast. MaMaw

  2. I'm still giggling about the Michael Jackson thing!

  3. Do people ever mistake Lily for your child? Sometimes i feel like she kind of looks like you! cute :P - Lexie