Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gina & Jimbo

We threw a brunch this morning for our sweet friends Gina & Jimbo who are getting married in less than a month in Kansas City. A lot of their Boston friends aren't going to be able to make their wedding so we wanted to show them how loved and supported they are before heading South.

most people didn't know anything about this Sunday-School classic... but they LOVED it!

There's Gina, in red! and Wheeler delivering a very eloquent and amusing toast

And there's Jim, in the middle with the mountain-man beard

We had fun! Everything turned out great (despite my mini melt-down due to a competing child's birthday party at the same park). We did a couple of games and I think it was a success! Gina and Jim have only been in Boston for a year so the fact that they have so many good friends in this city really shows how great they are! 
We definitely wish them all the best on their big day!

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  1. How great to honor good friends! It must be a little cool there from the looks of the jackets on everyone. Yes I remember monkey bread. It was all the rage at one time. Still a good brunch food and so interesting looking too. I really miss you two. Need to see you. Love MaMaw