Thursday, June 9, 2011

Scooper Bowl

Adele and I spent all morning in the city. I would venture to guess I've walked about 7 miles so far today--- good thing I got a few extra calories when we attended Scooper Bowl! It was an all you can eat ice cream event to benefit the Jimmy Fund & the Dana Farber Cancer Research Center.

We got spoons...

Ice cream...

And we left with full bellies and chocolatey faces!

Now making it home should be interesting... It's 100 degrees today and I just ate 4 (small) scoops of ice cream (don't judge and don't forget to subtract what Adele helped with).

***don't throw up***
***don't throw up***

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  1. I just did the "don't throw up" chant walking through Chicago in the heat after the Cheesecake Factory-I made it-did you? ;)