Friday, May 6, 2011

Ketchup Water

1. Ketchup
We made Ketchup! Yay! It's delicious!

The recipe from this book that Tiffanie gave me in the fall.
I gathered some herbs and spices together in an empty tea filter. 
And  tied them all up and tossed the bag into a puree of tomatoes and onion along with some brown sugar and champagne vinegar.
Making ketchup is a huge, red splatter-paint party (but it still needed to reduce) so we covered it with our handy dandy splatter guard! Yep. We have that in our kitchen.
I'll probably puree it a little more next time but it is so tasty on sweet potato fries! 

2. Water
After I was washing up after the ketchup-making (do you see the splatter on that pot??) our hot water wouldn't turn off! The knob was in the off position, but water kept pouring out!
this is in the off position.

It's fixed now... Thank goodness our landlord lives in the same house as us! He, his wife, Lulu (the dog), Bryan, and I were all in our kitchen trying to sort out the issue/ morally supporting...

(I will now add bleaching the sink and changing the bristely scrubbie part to my to-do list tomorrow. Yikes.)

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  1. how much is a bottle of ketchup, $1.50?