Sunday, September 26, 2010

Out and About

Bryan and I drove up to Woodstock, Vermont yesterday to spend the day with Mike and Angel who were vacationing for the past few days! They spent every Christmas there for years and years and were the perfect tour guides!
 The further North we drove, the more pops of color we saw in the trees!

 The gorge
 which Mike was trying to get Angel to look over the edge of!

 The Woodstock Farmer's Market was so cute with tons of fresh produce and local goodies!
I've never seen anything like this! They were called Swans and I don't know if they are melons or gourds.

 We had lunch outside of the market by the stream.

 We also did a beer tasting at the long trail beer company.

 And of course pumpkin ice cream and pumpkin donuts

 And to end a perfect day we went to the Simon Pearce glass studio for dinner.
 They were blowing the glass wine goblets when we got there.
 I've never seen anything like this! It was so cool to watch!
 The studio location was beautiful. The whole thing is hydro-powered.
 And dinner was wonderful!

We had a great great day and will definitely go to Woodstock again for more exploring!

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