Sunday, September 12, 2010

Brimfield, My Brimfield

Yesterday was the last Brimfield Flea Market day this year. I'll have to wait until next spring to go again, but it'll be worth the wait I'm sure of it. I recruited Laura, Elizabeth, and Carolyn to go with me on kind of a girls day flea market adventure.

Laura was definitely the winner for extravagant purchases! She bought a wooden sled, old wooden skis, glass hospital jars, picture frames, a whole bag full of keys, and an anchor... like a real deal anchor. Turns out she LOVES haggling!
Elizabeth purchased a few painted postcards and frames for each of them. I think Carolyn only bought snacks? She said she had fun looking, though!
I found some things I was really excited about too. Here's my loot:
This tiny Dutch lady charm is no bigger than the end of my finger!
gold open lined necklace.
5 test tube vases
an old market basket
and a 30's globe

I don't know if the basket or the globe know what's coming their way, but they are each in for a little make-over... I'll put up pics of them in their newfound glory as soon as possible.
And now I must prepare for Brunch Team Spectacular! It's 65 degrees here and I sincerely hope a little Autumn finds its way to you today as well! Happy Sunday!


  1. I am seriously drooling for that fur jacket!

  2. I want that basket! So great.

  3. oh and I really love that necklace! I've been looking for an open ended necklace for a while.