Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Thank-Filled Weekend

Bryan and I were off to New York for Thanksgiving. Did you know you could get a bus ticket from Boston to NYC for $15? me neither!... actually if we'd booked sooner we could have gotten tix for a buck.
We knew we wouldn't be able to go to Mississippi for the weekend so we thought the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade sounded like a fun thing to do! (By "we" I mean "I"... but Bryan got on board and had lots of fun... I only made him get up at 3:45 to go stake out our spot too!)
And boy oh boy was it fantastic! We were freezing before it got started! (But we were on the front row!!) I felt like the little matchstick girl sitting on the sidewalk but Bryan gave me his scarf and we had some tea and all was well once the parade started coming down the street!
We were a few blocks up from Times Square.We saw the parade coming down the block!
Then the first few Thanksgiving floats and pilgrims.

And Buzz Lightyear
And Snoopy
And the Roots and Jimmy Fallon
And Mickey Mouse
I really liked these little old ladies called the Purple Peddlers
Sponge Bob
Cindy Lauper

Miss America

And of course at the end of the line was SANTA!
We saw so many more people and floats than I can even put pictures of up. It was so fun and so exciting! I'm so glad we did that!

Once the parade was over we found a cute little diner called JP Clarks to get Thanksgiving lunch.
And afterward walked up and down 5th Avenue and did some window shopping. Some very beautiful window displays to come tomorrow! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. This is AWESOME!!!! I LOVE Jimmy Fallon and the Roots! All the pics look so fun!!! What a great Thanksgiving...will this be a Boston tradition?????

  2. How fun!! I am so proud of B for getting on board at 3:45! I will be "thank-filled" when y'all get here for Christmas!! Love you both!

  3. Betty Boop30.11.09

    What a fun and brave thing to do. I know you were so excited. Early in the morning. We are looking forward to you both being here for Christmas. Maybe we can make it exciting too.