Monday, November 9, 2009

Casserole for All

Because Bryan has met a few people from Georgia and we also have a new friend who's family is from New York we thought we should throw together some kind of casserole party! For the Southerners it was reminiscent of home... for the New Yorker it was a taste of something he'd never before seen the likes of!

Erick's first bite of casserole EVER!
He thinks it's delicious!!!
Elizabeth's casserole didn't do well on the run for the bus!... it tasted great, though!


  1. Love it! What kind of casseroles did you guys have??

  2. Betty Boop10.11.09

    I am like Sophie. Name all the casseroles.


  3. I was eating breakfast casserole as I was reading this.

  4. It makes me happy to see that old table as your many fun projects and homework were done on that desk!