Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Orchard and Some Witches

Yesterday we visited Russell Orchards in Ipswitch, Mass. I'd heard amazing things about this place and we were absolutely not let down!

We watched them make apple cider donuts...And then we ate some. Well, if by 'some' you mean 'a whole lot' then yes, I guess we did eat some.We also watched them press the apples to make cider...
And then we drank 'some' of that as well.

Once our bellies were full of apple we walked out to the orchard to pick a few of our own!

And Bryan's parents are in town this weekend so they got to have fun at the orchard too!

After our fun adventure to Ipswitch, we drove down to Salem, Mass where there are all kinds of fun halloweeny things going on (did I mention we heard a Christmas song in the car on the way there?) We saw a witch trial reenactment which was really interesting at the Witch Dungeon Museum.
We were also told the tales of the trials which I didn't know very much about before yesterday.
This is the grave of the trial judge, John Hathorne. He hung 19 people and 2 dogs before the governor put an end to the trials.
And here is his house.
We also found this: the grave of a Mayflower Pilgrim, Captain Richard More.


  1. Betty Boop25.10.09

    The apple trees look so amazing!!I know you were glad to have Jan and Tommy with you.

    Betty Boop

  2. TWO DOGS???? Come on now...

    Love the apple orchard. That looks like so much fun!

  3. mmm, I love anything with apples in the recipe!

  4. I read today that Boston is like a combination of New Orleans and San Francisco. I guess lots of history (N.O.) and a million things to do (S.F.). A very cool place to be living!!