Thursday, October 8, 2009

Craigie on Main

Mike and Angel Stoddard are in Boston this week and I was lucky enough to hang out with Angel most of Monday afternoon! And Bryan and I were also absolutely honored to be invited to a very very nice dinner with them last night at Craigie on Main here in Cambridge. Angel did extensive research before she got here and found some really incredible places that I'd never even heard of.
Because I was totally lame and didn't take one picture of them, or all of us, or the food, I'll just leave you with the menu from our six course meal:

Course One:
Squid Noodles with radish and vinegarette
fried Cod with Squid Ink
something else I can't remember with a rice wafer

Course Two:
Sashimi Red Snapper

Course Three:
Gulf Jumbo Shrimp with heads on, bean puree, soy beans and tulip bulbs

Course Four:
Vegetable Ragu with house made rabbit sausage and a farm fresh egg

Course Five:
Sausage Tortellini with wild mushrooms and pumpkin puree

Course Six:
Veal Two Ways, marinated in yogurt and sweet breads with turnips, mushrooms, and other fall veggies with parsnip puree

Dessert One:
Lavender Panna Cotta & Orange Panna Cotta

Dessert Two:
(there were four different ones that we shared)
One: Mascerated Fall Berries with peach soda foam
Two: Chocolate Peanut ice cream sandwich with banana puree
Three: Chocolate Mousse (I think)
Four: Anise ice cream with corn bread and raspberry puree

And of course there was wine and coffee... Delicious Delicious Delicious!


  1. Betty Boop9.10.09

    My,My,My!!! I have no words for this, except enjoy. MaMaw

  2. The Stoddards are SUCH nice people. I can only imagine what hanging out with Angel all afternoon is like! Sounds like so much fun

  3. just looking at that long list makes me feel full!

  4. I guess you just rolled on home after eating all this - or was it little "tastes" of everything? Where do you put that much food?!?! The orange Panna Cotta sounds the best to me - or maybe dessert #3!