Friday, April 24, 2009

Things, they are a changin

We've decided to have a HUGE yard sale before we move. Way before we move. In three weeks. (Which is three months before we move) (You can come buy stuff if you want. We're not the only cool couple who's contributing to the sale!) We will probably be getting rid of at least half of our stuff! Which half will it be?!

In other news:
When we got married, we only registered for everyday dishes... no china. So over the last two years I've been collecting china from thrift stores. I only buy solid white pieces but they can be in any pattern and so far each piece is different from the next. I think it's really pretty all together. To spruce up our 'fine china' so that we can use it every day, I've also decided to add in colorful bowls! Here's how it's going so far:


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  2. Anonymous25.4.09

    I like your idea of white China. My fine Haviline china has been used maybe 10 times in 60 years. Everyone is afraid of it. (me mostley) That is no way to use your things. My crystal looks like it would break if you look at it. But so beautifal. I thought I had to have it at the time. You really can change according to the life style you are in now. Change can be good. See you tomorrow.

    Betty Boop