Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fortune Teller, Please Tell Me My Future

We take turns with everyone in our small group bringing dinner every week. Last night we were served beef & broccoli with rice and fortune cookies!

Once we were all finished eating, we went around the entire room and everyone read their fortunes out loud. Most of them were like "Something you've been waiting for will arrive in the mail" "You have a heart of gold" "This year a year of luck for you" etc.

This was mine:

And everybody laughed and I blushed and someone commented "at least a married woman got that"... etc etc.

And then Bryan reads his out loud:

And then everybody really laughed and then I really blushed and then Bryan got a high five.


  1. i definitely laughed out loud.

  2. Anonymous16.4.09

    We Ellis's always eat lunch together on most Sundays (not as many as there used to be) Chinese is a favorite, We read our fortunes at the end of meal. Truman always is the last to read his and he of course makes it up--always something about me and makes me blush. (all in fun) MaMaw

  3. that's awesome. yes, i did photoshop in the background. i started using free textures from flickr and love it- lots of flexibility and room for creativity (i can waste too much time doing it though)

  4. i LOVE this could be my favorite!!!! love you and miss you, dearly. thanks for my b'day wish.