Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Arts & Crafts with Ashley

This may be a new blog installment... I'm all about DIY and it seems like there's always something crafty happening around here.
Where to begin, where to begin...

Yesterday I made a hair clip for Lex. I like it a lot and will probably make one for myself too!
Today I helped Lexie and Parker make their save the date postcards! They turned out so cute! I'm no spoiler so I'll wait to post the real pic until they get them sent out next week, but here is a photo of the set-up!


  1. I am all for step by step DIY projects!

  2. Anonymous4.3.09

    Beautiful clip. What is it made of? MaMaw

  3. i'm stuck on my butt all day every day - lil thing called bed rest - please teach me crafty things - i need something to do.