Saturday, April 18, 2015

I do love the weekends

Last weekend we drove up to our favorite beach and hiked the dune trails... still too cold to sit on the beach (it was in the 60s). We did hike with bare feet though which was amazing. Most of the trails are sand, but in some places snow still covered the path.

We usually get up on Saturdays and make breakfast. While we eat we decide what adventures we want to get into for the weekend. Last weekend it was hiking trails. This weekend we're off to the beach again- it's pretty cold today, too, but it's sunny so I'm optimistic.

whole wheat waffles

sunrise smoothie with chia & kale
I hope you're having adventures today too!

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  1. O yes we have adventures but much tamer than you two. Thanks for taking me along. I have never seen beaches like those. I am sure winter makes them different. Oh by the way, can we have whole wheat waffles or whole wheat the beach.? I'll bring the sugar free syrup and then I could enjoy pancakes and waffles again. MaMaw