Thursday, August 1, 2013

I've Missed You!

I've been such a terrible blogger this past month, but I feel like I've had good reasons!

Bryan has been in Montreal since beach week, and I've spent every weekend up there with him! (Can I just say driving up there by myself has made me realize how dependent upon GPS I've become in the last few years. It's totally okay to be without a phone for a weekend. I've actually really enjoyed being somewhat unplugged for a few days at a time here and there.)

And I've been building my Stella & Dot business like crazy! I was number 9 in sales for our team last month! Our team covers several states and lots and lots of amazing sellers. I was so excited to see my name up there and so many of you who read my blog are huge reasons why my business is succeeding! Thank you all for your support! Seriously, THANK YOU!!!
Stella & Dot is such a great company to work for! They do everything they can to support us in all sorts of ways but a huge one is fantastic product and incentives like free product credits on top of the cash we can earn.

These are most of the new items that I just got from the Fall Line Launch! And the best part is MOST OF THESE WERE COMPLETELY FREE FOR ME!

The Peacock Necklace

 Peacock Chandeliers (I'm obsessed with these--- they clip apart so they can be chandeliers or studs!)
These are the studs once the bottoms are clipped off.
These are Lily and Mia's parents! Aren't they such a cute couple?! Danielle sporting the peacock at a wedding last weekend! It looks so good on and that dress was the perfect color!

The Urbane Bracelet

 The Nancy Studs
 The Linda Studs
 The How Does She Do It Metallic Bag
 The Sutton--- another favorite piece! This one can be worn five ways!! Short, short without the sparkle chain, long, long without the sparkle chain, or just the sparkle chain!
 Here it is long!

The Tessa Fringe Necklace

The Union Square Scarf
 The Pouf (these come in lots of different colors and I don't know where they've been all my life because they are amazing at organizing everything from makeup to computer cords to pens-- this one is the Frida pattern)
 The Chelsea Tech Wallet (this one also comes in lots of colors but I'm so in love with the Cobalt for this fall!) It perfectly fits an iPhone along with whatever else you've normally got in a wallet!

Are you drooling yet?!?! I'd love to send you a brand new fall look-book! Email me your address and I'll stick one in the mail ( (or if you want instant gratification check out my website: )

I'm going to Montreal one last time this weekend to collect my sweet husband! I'll be so so glad when he's home! I hope everyone had an amazing July! I can't believe August is here already!

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  1. Hello !!I have been missing you, but glad you have been traveling. Great that you could be with Bryan. He has a birthday this month (as you know). Time marches on and so fast. Love your jewelry. Proud of your success, Did you get my little package? MaMaw