Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Home Updates

We're over half way done with our home updates!
Here are some in progress shots:

Please take note that I pried the tile toothbrush holder and tile soap holder off the walls. They are gone forever!!!

Woo hoo no more pink tiles. They'll get the final treatment tonight! All that's left in the bathroom is remove the wretched medicine cabinet, mount the mirror, hang the new shower curtain!

Living Room:

This is the corner where the closet used to be.
Only thing left is to repair the moulding. And hang art back up.

We (Bryan) moved all the furniture around so now our dining area is closer to the kitchen.

These two chairs are now finding a permanent home in our living room so they needed new fabric to coordinate with their new surroundings:


Bryan added another shelf in the pantry and now everything has a place!!

The bedroom got new shelves and one less barn door, our front door is completed... We still want to replace the kitchen light and repair the ceiling but that might not happen this week.


  1. Anonymous9.11.11

    All I can say is WELL DONE!!! You are both amazing. MaMaw

  2. I can't believe how much bigger it looks! Good job on the bathroom, too. Amazing transformations!

  3. Did you replace all the tiling? Or do some magical surface finish? Either way, wowzers.