Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We're Official

We are officially Massachusetts drivers! Our insurance guy recommended we get Mass licenses within a year of living here and we finally did it.
my first decent license picture ever!!
I asked Bryan if he would regret having the stache in his picture a year or two from now and he said, "are you implying that I won't have the mustache then?" I guess it's around for longer than "we" expected! I'm getting used to it. haha


  1. Betty Boop7.7.10

    Another thing Mississippi is last is--good driver license photos. Yours are very good.

  2. When I told David that Bryan had a mustache now, David said he just read an article that said that mustaches were the new thing for hipsters. I really like it, I think it makes him look older though.

  3. Frank's has been with him for 40 years now...won't even shave it to let me see how he looks without it. I think it becomes part of your identity if it stays too long.